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The Fall 2016 KLC News is now available online HERE or on the NEWSLETTERS page.

See articles about the need to do shoreline projects this fall, used pontoon boat wanted, the annual meeting of members, confusion about trailer stickers and membership posters, those darn weeds, an ice safety reminder, and more.

Starting around October 15th, the KLC will start dropping the water to winter levels – 33-inches below the spillway, which is approximately 4.5-feet below summer water level. Next spring, the KLC will begin raising the lake as soon as possible after ice-out, so we encourage you to do your shoreline projects this fall.

The drawdown is the best method of exposing Eurasian milfoil to freezing temperatures. To be most effective at killing the weeds, frost needs to be at least 4 to 6-inches deep for 2 to 4 weeks. If you’re sick of battling weeds along the shoreline, pray for very cold weather before any snow accumulates (which insulates the ground).

Please do NOT rake leaves into the lake or burn leaves in the lake bed; both of these activities add nutrients that aid in the growth of more weeds, something we all want to avoid. If possible, rake leaves OUT of the lake bed. If you are so inclined, pull weeds out by their roots from shoreline areas in front of your property and dispose of them far from the lake. Also, please don’t throw twigs, branches or tree limbs into the lake bed, as these tend to drift down to the dam and clog the sluice gate, hampering control of the water level.

Proper maintenance of shoreline property septic systems is the best means to help control waste water from reaching our beautiful lake. For many years, the KLC has been advocating the importance of having shoreline property septic systems cleaned every 2 years. With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce that the KLIA has arranged for Sand Lake Septic Services to clean out septic tanks around the lake at the reduced rate of $160 + tax, starting on September 12, 2016. This rate is based on uncovered and pump-ready tanks. Any difficult access or digging to reach the tank will incur an additional fee. If you are interested in taking advantage of this reduced-rate service, please email your name, address, and phone number to jamesborgiaforster@gmail.com. Sand Lake Septic will contact you to schedule a date for cleaning.

If you have not had your septic tank cleaned within the past 2 years, please do your part in keeping our lake clean. The KLC board, members, your neighbors and all lake users will thank you.

******* WARNING *******
Copper Sulfate will be applied to Kinderhook Lake
Monday morning, August 29th

See the FAQ page for information and warnings
about Copper Sulfate treatment for algae control

Saturday, August 27

Annual Meeting of Members

10:00am at the KLIA Hall

Members are urged to join the Board to hear about current and future issues around the lake.
It’s a great time to ask questions and share your suggestions.
Coffee and donuts will be provided.

KLC logo merchandise will be available, so it’s a perfect time to stock up on early holiday gifts,
including our new t-shirts and beer and wine glasses.

Looking forward to seeing all our members there.

As you may be aware, the KLC has been experimenting with the use of benthic barriers to battle small areas of aquatic invasive species (AIS). Also known as lake bottom blankets, the barriers effectively cover the weeds and kill them off after only a few weeks without light. Whether or not they return to the same spot next year remains to be seen. So far the barriers have been working flawlessly and have now been moved to a third location at the south end of the lake. Benthic barriers are not appropriate for lake-wide use but are most often used in small areas to clear AIS at swimming areas or boating channels.benthic barrier pulled by boat

Riparian owners wishing to clear AIS along their shoreline or around their docks for swimming or boating can purchase benthic barriers online. The KLC has been using Lake Bottom Blankets by Derma-Safe, Inc. and have found them easy to install and move around. An internet search will bring up several companies selling the barriers, which come in many sizes, some small enough to be moved by hand. Please be aware that a DEC permit is now required for the use of benthic barriers even in small areas along the shoreline. Please contact DEC for further information.

This photo shows one of our benthic barriers being pulled by a boat to be relocated.


******* WARNING *******
Copper Sulfate will be applied to Kinderhook Lake
Monday morning, August 15th

See the FAQ page for information and warnings
about Copper Sulfate treatment for algae control

paul winslowIt is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Paul Winslow. Paul provided decades of service on the KLC board, including many years as President. His selfless service and dedication to the KLC and Kinderhook Lake were only exceeded by the dedication shown to his family and friends. What a privilege it was to know Paul – he will be greatly missed!


******* WARNING *******
Copper Sulfate will be applied to Kinderhook Lake
Monday morning, July 25th

See the FAQ page for information and warnings
about Copper Sulfate treatment for algae control

DSCN0969The Fourth of July weekend flew by with fabulous weather, many family/friend gatherings, and well attended KLC events.

The kayak rally saw almost 30 kayaks and paddle boards paddling around the lake. Entrants collected tickets from orange flagged locations; the more tickets collected, the better the chances of winning a prize. Winning tickets were selected for Jenny Dobray ($50 gift certificate to Steiner’s Sports), Fallon Young ($25 KLC merchandise), Kyle Hickey ($15 KLC merchandise), and Fallon Young ($10 KLC merchandise). Thanks to all the participants.

Many uniquely decorated boats attended this year’s boat parade around the lake. Winners included Linda Leader (most patriotic boat), Christine Ebel (funniest boat – Lake Pirates), and the Sindlinger Family (most creative boat). Thanks to all 9 participants for taking the time to decorate their boats, join in the hootin’ and hollerin’, and add to the holiday fun! See photos of the boat parade on the GALLERY page.