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If you passed by the dam lately, you may have noticed all the heavy construction equipment in action. The last phase of the dam repair project was started on March 24th by contractor A. Colarusso & Sons. This phase involves the removal and replacement of deteriorating concrete in two areas of the downstream face of dam. The first area of repair is on the west side secondary spillway which has a significant area of undermining that extends 4 – 5 feet into the dam (photo 1 below). The plan calls for the removal of rock and deteriorated concrete, doweling of rebar into the bedrock and remaining solid concrete, and then forming and pouring new concrete to fill the void. The second area is on the main dam above the sluice pipe (photo 2 below). This area will require the removal of approximately 240 square feet of the face of the dam to a minimum of 3-inches in depth, installation of new rebar, and then forming and pouring new concrete. The work is expected to take about 2 weeks. The project will complete the latest upgrades to the dam requested by DEC.

dam repairs_20150324_003

Photo 1 – Repair area at west side spillway

dam repairs 20150325

Photo 2 – Repair area around sluice pipe

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