Winter 2024

Online Membership a Success, Please Don’t Forget Donations to Our Reserve Funds,
Getting the Job Done, Protect Our Lake With a Raingarden, Aquatic Vegetation,
Sorry to See You Go, Mr. Cleary, Dates to Remember,
Annual Notice of Copper Sulfate Treatment

Winter 2023

New Online Membership and Donation Form, Reserve Funds, Get To Know the Board,
Annual Notice of Copper Sulfate Treatment, Dates to Remember

Winter 2022

Rising Operational Costs, What Are Restricted Funds, Better Flood Control Measures,
2021 Harvesting Operations, Annual Notice of Copper Sulfate Treatment, ProcellaCor Success,
A Quick Look Back, Ice Safety Reminder, Dates to Remember

Winter 2021

Expanding Our Weed Management Program, 2020 Summary of Harvesting Operations,
Annual Notice of Copper Sulfate Treatment, Parking at the Launch, A Quick Look Back, 
Membership and Merchandise Days, Dates to Remember

Winter 2020

Needed Upgrades to the Dam, 2019 Summary of Harvesting Operations,
Annual Notice of Copper Sulfate Treatment, Membership and Merchandise Days,
What is CSLAP, NYSFOLA Conference, Dates to Remember

Spring 2019

Rain Gardens – Function and Form Create a Beautiful Solution, Search for New Board Members,
Harvester Volunteers Needed, KLC Community Lake Day, HABs Public Information Meeting,
Draft Management Update, Brianna’s Law, July 4th Events, Dates to Remember

Winter 2019

A Day on the Harvester, HABs Public Information Meeting, Launch Site Parking Issues,
Merchandise Update, News from the Dam, KLC Community Lake Day, Fish Committee,
The Year in Review, Annual Notice of Copper Sulfate Treatment, Dates to Remember

Spring 2018

Rain Gardens – Function and Form Create a Beautiful Solution, Spring Projects Completed, NYSFOLA,
Mitigate Nutrient Pollution, KLC Community Lake Day, Volunteering, Growing Health Concerns Due to HABs,
Monitoring Our Fish Population, Aquatic Weed Mapping, We Need You, Dates to Remember

Winter 2018

Kinderhook Creek Designated an Inland Waterway, Trapa Natan Eradication, New Season and New Horizons, Annual Notice of Copper Sulfate Treatment, Successes of 2017, Achieving Outstanding Stewardship Results, Placement of Member Posters and Trailer Stickers, Supporting Business Sponsors, An Ice Safety Reminder

Winter 2017

Help Fight Nuisance Aquatic Invasive Species, Annual Notice of Copper Sulfate Treatment,
Another Year of Progress, Aquatic Invasive Species Lurk Under the Ice, Ice Safety Reminder

Fall 2016

Shoreline Projects This Fall, Used Pontoon Boat Wanted, Annual Meeting of Members,
Confusion About Trailer Stickers and Membership Posters, Those Darn Weeds, Ice Safety Reminder

Spring 2016

Retiring Board Member, NYS Boater Safety Course, Cleaning Your Septic Tank, KLC Board Elections,
Copper Sulfate Treatments, New Launch Dock, Weed Committee Progress, Practicing Catch and Release Fishing,
Helping to Pull Water Chestnuts, Important Reminders, Annual July 4th Events

Winter 2016

Same Sad Story – Another Year, Annual Notice of Copper Sulfate Treatment,
Ask Not What Your Lake Can Do for You … Ask What You Can Do for Your Lake,
2015 – The Year in Review, 2016 Draft Budget

 Fall 2015

Lake Vanishes Overnight, 5th Annual Chicken BBQ, Annual Members Meeting,
July 4th Events, Aquatic Plant-Life, June’s Water Chestnut Harvest,
The KLC’s New Database, BBQ Volunteers and Sponsors

Spring 2015

Dam Upgrades Continue, Changes to Lake Access, NYS Boater Safety Course,
July 4th Events, Copper Sulfate Applications, Annual KLC Picnic, Water Level Update,
Help Us Trap Some Natans, Weed Pulling Saturday

Winter 2015

Invasive Species Transport Bill Passed, Too Few Riparian Owners Support the KLC,
Annual Notice of Copper Sulfate Treatment, The Year in Review,
Work on the Dam Continues in 2015, 2015 Budget, Board Notes

Fall 2014

August Annual Membership Meeting, More Tiger Muskies, Help Pulling Weeds,
NYS Boater Safety Course, July 4th Event Results, KLC BBQ Results, Board Notes.

April 2014

Dewey Loeffel Superfund Site Remediation, NYS Boater Safety Course,
4th of July Events, Sad 50 Year History, KLC Joins County EMC, Dam Repairs,
Our Lake Guidelines, 2014 Water Treatment, Board Notes

January 2014

The Dam Sluicer’s Son, Annual Notice of Copper Sulfate Treatment, 
Costs On the Rise, Welcome Brochure, Dam Progress Report,
One Step at a Time,  Board Notes, 2014 Budget

October 2013

Dam Repairs to Begin This Fall, Another Successful BBQ, Board Notes, 
DEC Reminds Ice Anglers to Await Safe Ice as Ice Fishing Season Approaches,
Seaplane Pilots Can Help Stop the Spread of Invasive Species, Adding More Fish to the Lake

July 2013

KLC Fund-Raiser BBQ, Water Level Control, Continued Launch Vandalism, Invasive Aquatic Species 101,  
Water Quality, NYS Boater Safety Course, Weeds – 2013, Our New Launch Sign,
Board Notes, Dates to Remember

April 2013

New Lake Guidelines, NYS Boater Safety Course, Annual KLC Picnic Planned, DEC Work Permits,
New Website Links, Donations to the Dam Reserve Fund, Record Black Crappie, 
Dates to Remember, Letter to the Editor, Cleaning Your Lakefront, Board Notes

January 2013

Special Thanks to Joe Collins, Join the Board of Directors, Help Wanted, Online Membership Payments,
Future Membership Meetings, Water Quality, Ice Fishing and Safety, Board Notes, 2013 Budget,
Membership and Donations Help Support the KLC

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