Kayak Rally: Start anywhere on the lake at 8:00am using any non-motorized watercraft and race to collect tickets from various flagged locations around the lake. Bring your tickets to the Rt. 28 boat launch by 11:30am. All tickets will then be entered into a drawing for some great prizes. We are still looking for shoreline volunteers to fly a flag and distribute tickets to rally participants. If you are willing to help, please call Russ Camadine at 518-857-6853. In case of inclement weather and the event is postponed, red flags will be flown at One Tree Island and the Rt. 28 and Rose St. launches on the morning of July 4th. Rain date for this event will be July 5th.

Boat Parade: Decorate your boats and meet at One Tree Island at 1:30pm. The last few years have seen very few entries, so we hope this year will be better attended.

Ring of Fire: Light your flares along the shoreline at 9:00pm.

Merchandise: KLC and One Tree island logo merchandise, as well as flares for the Ring of Fire, will be available July 4th at the Rt. 28 Boat Launch between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm, and afterwards at the Rose St. launch.

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