As you may be aware, the KLC has been experimenting with the use of benthic barriers to battle small areas of aquatic invasive species (AIS). Also known as lake bottom blankets, the barriers effectively cover the weeds and kill them off after only a few weeks without light. Whether or not they return to the same spot next year remains to be seen. So far the barriers have been working flawlessly and have now been moved to a third location at the south end of the lake. Benthic barriers are not appropriate for lake-wide use but are most often used in small areas to clear AIS at swimming areas or boating channels.benthic barrier pulled by boat

Riparian owners wishing to clear AIS along their shoreline or around their docks for swimming or boating can purchase benthic barriers online. The KLC has been using Lake Bottom Blankets by Derma-Safe, Inc. and have found them easy to install and move around. An internet search will bring up several companies selling the barriers, which come in many sizes, some small enough to be moved by hand. Please be aware that a DEC permit is now required for the use of benthic barriers even in small areas along the shoreline. Please contact DEC for further information.

This photo shows one of our benthic barriers being pulled by a boat to be relocated.


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