23. June 2019 · Comments Off on We Did It Again · Categories: AIS, Events, Water quality

Saturday, June 22, 9:00am. Volunteers assembled at One Tree Island to start this year’s water chestnut hand pull event. Volunteers traveled up the west side of the lake along Ottoville Rd picking up hundreds of water chestnut “stragglers,” then entered the north end of the lake for two hours of pulling in the dense weed bed which, by the way, has receded about 50-feet further back due to the last few years of weed pulls. Once again battling this invasive species, an estimated four to five cubic yards of weeds were collected and removed from the lake. Thanks to all the volunteers who spent just a few hours helping to improve the quality of Kinderhook Lake: Melanie Langdon, Eric Piecuch, Doug Peterson, Tina Decker, Linda Leader, Bonnie Bargstedt, Ron Jensis, Dan and Robin Langer, Pete Walkes, Rick Theriault, Fran Sindlinger, John Bruford. If we forgot or misspelled any names, please forgive us and know that your time and assistance was greatly appreciated.

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