The lake is covered with blue-green algae this morning, worse than has been seen in a very long time. Dry, hot weather this summer prevented salts, like sodium chloride and sodium phosphate, from washing into the lake and the Valatie Kill flowing into the lake Рthey collected in surface soil and in soil around septic systems. Heavy continuous rain, like we have had for the past two weeks, dissolves those salts and washes them into the watershed to feed blue-green algae growth. Since the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation does not permit the use of aquatic herbicides, like copper sulfate, after September 1, we are unable to keep blue-green algae levels low beyond that date and must endure the kind of water we find on the lake this morning. Residents should be aware that the algae is toxic to dogs and some dogs have died after consuming water containing blue-green algae.

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