Authors for Newsletter Articles

The KLC Board of Directors is seeking authored articles and/or suggestions for articles from members, lake residents and the community, for publication in future newsletters, and possibly on the website. Articles and suggestions should be related to the lake and surrounding community, and might include interesting stories about life on and around the lake, lake history, recreation (fishing, boating, skiing, boarding, swimming, diving, etc), activities, water quality, weeds, safety, guidelines, wildlife, shoreline issues, local construction, etc. Please forward your interest in authoring articles and/or suggestions to, with “Newsletter Articles” in the subject line. Someone will contact you. The KLC Board reserves the right to review, edit and/or determine adequacy for publication of all articles.


The KLC Board of Directors recognizes that in the past they have not done a good job of utilizing those members who have volunteered to help with tasks around the lake. However, at a recent meeting, the Board has made a renewed commitment to call upon volunteers who have expressed interest and, therefore, requests that members continue to check off preferred volunteer activities on the 2013 membership applications or forward an email to, with “Wish to Volunteer” in the subject line. Someone will contact you. Thank you for your support.

Certified Boating Instructor

The KLC Board of Directors is looking for a Certified NYS Boating Instructor who is willing to volunteer their time to teach a NYS Boater Safety Course for KLC members over the summer. If you or someone you know would be interested in helping, please forward contact information to, with “Boating Instructor” in the subject line.

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