22nd Annual Panfish Derby
Children ages 0-6, 7-11 and 12-15 ($1.00 admission, free refreshments)
+ Five largest panfish – bring them in alive – one ounce will be added to the weight if all fish are alive

> 1st place, age group 0-6, Daniel Paul Delura, 5 live panfish, 2lb 7oz

+ Smallest fish – for the youngest age group

> 1st place, Daniel Paul Delura

+ Largest fish – in all age groups

Age Group 0-6::
> 1st place, Daniel Paul Delura, 6lb 9oz carp (largest fish)
Age Group 7-11:
> 1st place, Alexander Van Benschoten, 2lb 12oz
> 2nd place, Mandy Crocket, 2lb 10oz
> 3rd place, Tom Shimazu & Sam Andrade, 2lb 6oz
Age Group 12-15:
> 1st place, Justin Beck, 2lb 12oz
> 2nd Place, Brian Davis, 2lb 5oz

Annual Boat Parade
Decorate boats and meet at One-Tree Island at 2:00pm
Prizes for most original, most patriotic and funniest

> Funniest: Bernie Kelleher Jr., Ottoville Rd.
> Most Original: Eileen Owens, Rt 28B, Valatie
> Most Patriotic: Brian Young, East Northport, Long Island

Ring of Fire
Light flares along the shoreline at sundown
+ Flares will be available for purchase on July 4th at the Rt. 28 launch site at 12:00 noon and
+ Flares and other merchandise will be available on July 4th at the Rose St. launch after 2:00pm