The annual KLC membership meeting took place on August 25th at the KLIA Hall. Sadly, it was not well attended. At this meeting, directors were elected and concerns about the lake were addressed. Here is a sampling of items that were discussed:

  1. The lack of universal membership by lake property (riparian) owners, and how more participation might be encouraged.
  2. How to control the many non-member power boats entering the lake and how to regulate the informal fishing tournaments on the lake, which also give non-members access; controlling access at the Rose St. Ext. launch.
  3. Repairs needed for the dam’s sluice gate and outlet pipe. The Board is awaiting DEC approval to construct a coffer dam this fall to better inspect the gate and pipe and determine an appropriate course of action and an estimated cost of repairs.
  4. A committee of board members was appointed to consider adopting recreation guidelines for the lake, as well as addressing signage, security and other issues at the Rt. 28 launch site.

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