In light of recent concerns regarding preserving our fish population, reducing the potential of invasive aquatic species entering the Lake and keeping our Lake enjoyable for all members, the KLC is instituting several new guidelines.

  1. Fishing tournaments will not be permitted on Kinderhook Lake without written permission in advance from the KLC Board of Directors. In addition, all tournament attendees must be current KLC Members. Please contact Russ Camadine at 30 days in advance if you wish to sponsor a fishing tournament.
  2. Launch gate keys are for KLC members only. Please do not share keys with non-members or you risk losing your gate privileges. Remember to lock the gate after every use to prevent non-member access.
  3. In response to member’s suggestions at last summer’s public meetings, the KLC has adopted new “Recreation Guidelines.” The guidelines will be posted at various access points around the lake and can be viewed by clicking the link in the sidebar to the right..

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