The KLC has produced a “Welcome to Kinderhook Lake” tri-fold brochure to be provided to new community residents in an effort to introduce them to our Lake and the KLC. The brochure includes basic information about the Lake location, features, history, water quality, watercraft and fishing. It also explains the purpose of the KLC and lists what the KLC does to maintain the dam and lake for all to enjoy. We hope this will help new residents better understand our community and encourage them to support the KLC via membership. The brochure will be published locally in small quantities, so changes can be made to future editions if new ideas or suggestions are implemented.  If you would like to see what the brochure looks like, please use the ‘Quick Link’ in the right-hand column. If you know of any new community residents, on or off the lake, who could benefit from this brochure, please email their name and address to

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