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20. March 2023 · Comments Off on Lake Refill Starting April 1st · Categories: Dam, Drawdown, General Information, Uncategorized · Tags: , ,
On April 1st we will begin the process of refilling the lake to summer level in accordance with our DEC permit. The sluice gate will be lowered and the flashboards will be reinstalled atop the dam. As always, the time it takes to reach summer level is weather dependent.
Shoreline residents are asked to finish any shoreline projects and also clean their lakebeds by April 1st. Decaying leaves create nutrients for algae and invasive species to grow. Floating branches and twigs are a hazard to boating and often end up floating down to the dam and clogging the sluice gate.
08. October 2022 · Comments Off on Drawdown Will Begin on October 15th · Categories: Dam, Drawdown, General Information

We will begin lowering the lake to winter level on October 15th. Winter water level is approximately 52-inches below the average summer water level. Depending on rainfall, winter water level is usually attained by early- to mid-November. The drawdown occurs annually in accordance with our DEC permit in an attempt to protect shorelines and docks from ice damage during the winter. This also allows riparian owners time to repair and/or improve their shorelines and docks. Shoreline projects are best completed in the fall, as rising water levels in the spring can be unpredictable due to snowmelt and rain events.

06. September 2022 · Comments Off on Notes from 2022 Annual Members’ Meeting · Categories: General Information, Meeting, Membership

For those KLC members who were not able to attend the annual membership meeting on Saturday, August 27, here is a very brief review of committee reports and member discussions.

  • The Treasurer presented and explained the Statement of Activity by Class for 2022 through July 31, along with total available cash in savings and checking accounts.
  • The Membership Committee reported on a total of 326 paid KLC members through July 31, 2022, falling slightly short of 2021 memberships but ahead of 2020 memberships, and that only about 55% of lakeshore owners are KLC members.
  • The Fish Committee reported on the potential to stock largemouth bass next spring in various weedy locations around the lake.
  • The Weed Committee reported on last year’s success in eradicating Eurasian Milfoil and what weed species are now present in the lake. Live samples of eight different weed species found in the lake this summer were available in water-filled containers for members to view.
  • The Water Quality Committee reported on the copper sulfate treatments to control the growth of blue-green algae and the ability to keep the water clarity at a 4.5- to 5.0-foot depth for most of the summer, a preferred depth to help reduce an overabundance of weed growth. A final copper sulfate treatment is tentatively scheduled at the end of Labor Day weekend, on the final day treatments are permitted by our DEC permit.
  • The Merchandise Committee reported on total merchandise sales and profit to date.
  • The Fundraising Committee reported on another successful Community Lake Day at One Tree Island. Raffle prize winners were recognized and total profit from the day was reported.
  • The Ad Hoc Committee assembled to review the Town of Chatham Comprehensive Plan reported on the Position Paper presented to the Town at the end of 2021. The Paper discussed how and why water quality issues could be affected by development within the Kinderhook Lake watershed, requested that land within the watershed be designated as an environmental district, and asked that the KLC be designated as an interested party in potential development within the watershed.

General discussions before the meeting was adjourned included information about the differences between the KLC and KLIA, ways to increase lakeshore owner membership, why the KLC cannot require lakeshore owner memberships, a request for more KLC public events, and more.

Thorough minutes of the annual meeting will be available to KLC members in August of next year.

12. July 2022 · Comments Off on Community Lake Day – August 6th · Categories: Events, General Information

You are all invited to the KLC’s annual Community Lake Day on Saturday, August 6th, from 12 to 2 pm on One Tree Island. This is a celebration for the entire community. Everyone is invited and you do not need to be a KLC member to attend. Enjoy some time with your family and neighbors and by all means, make a few new friends. KLC Directors will be available to discuss any lake-related issues.

Burgers, dogs, and soft drinks are all on the house. Lake Day Raffle tickets are available in advance from any KLC Director for $5 each or $20 for five tickets. $250, $150, and $50 cash prize. The prize drawing will take place at 2 pm. Money raised from the raffle will be used to support the many KLC programs that help improve the lake and dam. 

Mark your calendars and be sure to join us for Community Lake Day on August 6th. Just in case, the rain date is August 7th. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for any last-minute changes.

09. July 2022 · Comments Off on July 4th Event Winners · Categories: Events, General Information

July 4th weekend has come and gone with beautiful weather, fun, and festivities galore.

The Kayak Rally included 22 entrants collecting tickets from 34 orange-flagged locations around the lake. Winning tickets went to Teri Gallucci ($50 KLC merchandise), Patty Boson ($30 KLC merchandise), and Mark Begausch (sp?) ($20 KLC merchandise).

The Boat Parade included many beautifully decorated boats. According to the vote tally, the three best boats included the Enchanted Garden (

the Toop family), Nightmare Before Christmas (the Fitzpatrick family) and the Eagle (Jade Ng). Congrats to all the winners.

You can find more photos on the GALLERY page. 

KLC 7-4-22 (4)

20. June 2022 · Comments Off on Be Prepared for the July 4th Events · Categories: Area news, Events, General Information

July 4th, Independence Day, is just two weeks away. It is one of the best days to be on Kinderhook Lake. And, of course, the KLC will be hosting the usual array of fun events.

Kayak Rally
This event is open to all non-motorized vessels – kayaks, rowboats, canoes, paddleboards, rafts, etc. Between 8:30 and 11:30 AM collect tickets from the many orange-flagged locations spread around the lake. Write your name and phone number on each ticket. Don’t forget a pen and a plastic bag to keep your tickets dry.

Bring your tickets to the tan and green metal building at 9 OLD West Shore Dr in Valatie by 12-noon to be entered into the prize drawing for KLC merchandise. 

To make this event even more fun, we could always use a few more lakeshore owners to fly orange flags and hand out raffle tickets. If you would like to help out, please call Pete at 914-217-6770, and he will provide flags and tickets.

Boat Parade
Decorate your boats and meet at One Tree Island at 1:30. Follow the lead boat as you parade around the lake, hootin’ and hollerin’ all the way. Prizes will be awarded to the Most Patriotic, Most Unique, and Funniest boats.

Ring of Fire
Light your flares and torches along the shoreline at 9:00 pm for a lovely bright ring around the lake. The more flares, the better. 

Note: Flares and KLC merchandise will be available from 9:00 am to noon on July 4th at the tan and green metal building at 9 OLD West Shore Dr in Valatie. If you need them sooner, please call Pete at 914-217-6770.

10. June 2022 · Comments Off on NYS Boater Safety Requirements · Categories: General Information

With the nicer weather, the boating season is in full swing. For everyone’s safety, New York State requires that motor boat operators born after January 1, 1988, and ALL operators of personal watercraft hold a NY Boater Safety Certificate. Here’s what you need to know about boating safety and where to find approved online and in-classroom safety courses: Please learn all you can about boater safety so we have no accidents this summer on Kinderhook Lake.

Cheerful young people riding in a speedboat Group of young people with raised hands enjoying in a speedboat ride. motor boat stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


05. April 2022 · Comments Off on Membership and Merchandise Days · Categories: Donation Appeal, General Information, Membership

Membership and Merchandise Days will be held from 9:00 AM to noon at 9 OLD West Shore Drive in Valatie (the tan metal building with green trim and roof) on the following Saturdays:

April 9 & 23 and May 7 & 21

This is your opportunity to support the many programs that help keep Kinderhook Lake a beautiful community resource. You can show support by purchasing a KLC membership, making fund donations, and you can pick up your member poster, launch gate key, and car/trailer sticker all at the same time. No more waiting for them to arrive by snail mail. In addition, all the latest KLC logo merchandise will be available.


21. March 2022 · Comments Off on · Categories: Drawdown, General Information

Spring has arrived!! This time of year is always exciting as we anticipate warmer weather and, as always, the rise of the lake back to summer level. Contingent on full ice melt, this rise will likely begin sometime in early April. Riparian property owners are reminded to clean their lakebed of any debris (leaves, twigs, branches, etc.) and if you have any unfinished shoreline projects, please make sure they are completed quickly.

20. February 2022 · Comments Off on Chatham Comprehensive Plan Public Meeting · Categories: General Information

Those of you living on the Chatham-side of the lake may be interested in attending the March 12th Public Meeting to review the town-wide survey results for the proposed Town of Chatham Comprehensive Plan. Check out the flyer.

Town of Chatham Comprehensive Plan Public Meeting 2022 0322