Kayak Rally: Start anywhere on the lake at 8:00am using any non-motorized watercraft and race to collect tickets from various flagged locations around the lake. Bring your tickets to the Rt. 28 boat launch by 11:30am. All tickets will then be entered into a drawing for some great prizes. We are still looking for shoreline volunteers to fly a flag and distribute tickets to rally participants. If you are willing to help, please call Russ Camadine at 518-857-6853. In case of inclement weather and the event is postponed, red flags will be flown at One Tree Island and the Rt. 28 and Rose St. launches on the morning of July 4th. Rain date for this event will be July 5th.

Boat Parade: Decorate your boats and meet at One Tree Island at 1:30pm. The last few years have seen very few entries, so we hope this year will be better attended.

Ring of Fire: Light your flares along the shoreline at 9:00pm.

Merchandise: KLC and One Tree island logo merchandise, as well as flares for the Ring of Fire, will be available July 4th at the Rt. 28 Boat Launch between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm, and afterwards at the Rose St. launch.

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The Fifth annual KLC BBQ and Fundraiser is just around the corner (August 1), and this is our annual opportunity to raise money for dam repairs, water quality, fish stocking, and general lake upkeep. We will be holding a Chinese Auction again this year. In addition to raffling off wonderful prizes from local businesses, we are asking for everyone’s help to make this event even more successful.

We are trying to collect as many items as possible that would typically be raffled off as part of a Chinese Auction. The KLC is asking members and residents to contribute items that can either be raffled off as a single prize or an item that can be combined with other donations in a larger basket. If you would like to donate a basket, or a single item (such as wine, gift cards, etc.), please contact Lisa Rich via e:mail at lisarich1@optonline.net before July 18th. She will coordinate your donation.

Thanks in advance for your auction donation. We are looking forward to a successful Chinese Auction!!

******* WARNING *******
Copper Sulfate will be applied to Kinderhook Lake
Monday morning, June 22nd

See the FAQ page for information and warnings
about Copper Sulfate treatment for algae control

Volunteers gathered at the north end of the lake on Saturday morning to help pull water chestnuts. While the task seemed daunting to 11 weed pullers, in 90 minutes an amazing amount of weeds were pulled. Thanks to the following volunteers:

Eva Nelson, Andrew Nelson, Daniel Nelson, Betty Breed, Bill and Terry Cleary, Dan and Robin Langer, Steven Sigler, Mike Sigler, Lisa Benfield.

Refreshments provided by Fran SIndlinger and John Bruford

Over the past few years, members have expressed concerns over increasing weed growth in the lake. Weeds are both unsightly and annoying to those who fish, boat and swim. Weed growth is fed by nutrients coming from septic systems leaching into the lake as well as rotting leaves and other plant matter raked into the water. We have encouraged shoreline residents and adjacent property owners to clean their septic systems every other year and asked that leaves not be raked into the lake bed, but it is simply not enough. Weed growth is also spread by motor boats that run through the weed beds (especially milfoil), as the cuttings drift and seed new growth elsewhere. Every KLC member and lake user needs to do their part to help curb the spread of weeds, the KLC cannot do it on its own. This year we are asking for help from our members, and have arranged for 2 weed pulling events.

Saturday, May 30th. Members and other lake users are being asked to help pull water chestnuts (rain date Sunday, May 31st). Although the KLC’s weed cutter boat does a good job taking care of the water chestnuts, it cannot reach into the shallows at the north end of the lake. Volunteers are asked to meet at 9:00am at the north end of the lake. Please come by kayak, canoe, rowboat, or any other vessel that can navigate shallow water. Bring rubber gloves, maybe a small rake, and perhaps some garbage bags or laundry baskets.

Saturday, June 6th. Shoreline residents are being asked to rake weeds from their waterfront on “Weed Pulling Saturday” (rain date Sunday, June 7th). Many of the weeds will not yet be visible upon the surface, but the smaller plants are less firmly rooted and therefore more easily extracted. It is suggested that property owners utilize either a long-handled rake or a boat towing chains and weights to pull the unwanted weeds via the roots. Or, you can simply wade out into the water and pull at will. Pulled weeds must be brought to shore and tossed in the trash or mulched for use in your garden; they must not be allowed to float free or they will simply re-root and spread the invasive plant.

Together we can make a difference.

The KLC has again organized a NYS Boater Safety Course this spring, sponsored by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and the NY State Park Police. It is designed as a comprehensive boating course, teaching the fundamentals of safe boating operation. It is an 8-hour class and anyone over the age of 10 can attend at no cost.

The course will be taught on Saturday, May 30th, at the KLIA Hall, from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Please bring a bag lunch as there will only be about 30 minutes for lunch.

If you are interested in attending, please call 518-784-3024. Pre-registration is required no later than May 22nd. At least 10 attendees are required or the class will be cancelled.

The latest edition of the New York Safe Boating Textbook: A Course on the Safe Operation of Boats and Personal Watercraft” can be downloaded to your computer, phone, or tablet by going to http://nysparks.com/recreation/boating/education.aspx. Hard copy textbooks will be available free at the class.

The Spring 2015 KLC News is now available online HERE or on the NEWSLETTERS page.

See articles about the latest dam upgrades, changes to lake access, another NYS Boater Safety Course, July 4th events, copper sulfate applications, annual KLC picnic, shoreline property septic systems, water level update, helping to trap some natans, weed pulling saturday and more.

Due to limited parking at the Rt. 28 launch site, all trailers parked at the launch must display a special KLC trailer permit. Permits will be mailed with gate keys when you provide your trailer license number(s) along with your membership application. One permit will be provided for each trailer license number. Trailers parked at the launch without permits will be noted or tagged and may be towed at the owner’s expense upon multiple infractions. Thanks for helping us control parking at the launch.

We have been running into a delay in getting out the gate keys and trailer stickers. Rest assured the launch gate will remain open until after the keys have been distributed to members. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Dam upgrades described in the previous post have been completed.

Completed repairs west side spillway

Completed repairs at west side spillway

Completed repairs around sluice pipe

Completed repairs around sluice pipe