Due to limited parking at the Rt. 28 launch site, all trailers parked at the launch must display a special KLC trailer permit. Permits will be mailed with gate keys when you provide your trailer license number(s) along with your membership application. One permit will be provided for each trailer license number. Trailers parked at the launch without permits will be noted or tagged and may be towed at the owner’s expense upon multiple infractions. Thanks for helping us control parking at the launch.

We have been running into a delay in getting out the gate keys and trailer stickers. Rest assured the launch gate will remain open until after the keys have been distributed to members. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dam upgrades described in the previous post have been completed.

Completed repairs west side spillway

Completed repairs at west side spillway

Completed repairs around sluice pipe

Completed repairs around sluice pipe

If you passed by the dam lately, you may have noticed all the heavy construction equipment in action. The last phase of the dam repair project was started on March 24th by contractor A. Colarusso & Sons. This phase involves the removal and replacement of deteriorating concrete in two areas of the downstream face of dam. The first area of repair is on the west side secondary spillway which has a significant area of undermining that extends 4 – 5 feet into the dam (photo 1 below). The plan calls for the removal of rock and deteriorated concrete, doweling of rebar into the bedrock and remaining solid concrete, and then forming and pouring new concrete to fill the void. The second area is on the main dam above the sluice pipe (photo 2 below). This area will require the removal of approximately 240 square feet of the face of the dam to a minimum of 3-inches in depth, installation of new rebar, and then forming and pouring new concrete. The work is expected to take about 2 weeks. The project will complete the latest upgrades to the dam requested by DEC.

dam repairs_20150324_003

Photo 1 – Repair area at west side spillway

dam repairs 20150325

Photo 2 – Repair area around sluice pipe

The Winter 2015 KLC News is now available online HERE or on the NEWSLETTERS page.

See articles about the new Invasive Species Transport Bill, Too Few Riparian Owners Support the KLC, Annual Notice of Copper Sulfate Treatment, the Year in Review, Continuing Dam Work, the 2015 Budget and more.

The Fall 2014 KLC News is now available online HERE or on the NEWSLETTERS page.

See articles about the August Annual Membership Meeting, Tiger Muskies, Pulling Weeds, NYS Boater Safety Course, July 4th Event Results, KLC BBQ Results, Board Notes and more.

Every year around October 15th, the sluice gate in the dam is fully opened 500+ turns to allow water to drain down the Valatie Kill and Kinderhook Creek until our lake is about 33-inches below the main spillway, about 4.5-feet below average summer levels. This lower depth is permitted by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to protect shorelines and docks from erosion and damage due to winter ice and potential spring flooding from rapid snow-melt and rain. The added benefits of the drawdown are to (1) expose shorelines to freezing temperatures, which kills some of the lake weeds (milfoil and curlyleaf pondweed), and (2) permit residents to cleanup and repair shorelines and docks.

Please remember that raking leaves into the lake and/or burning leaves in the lake bed is not permitted, as doing so adds nutrients for future weed growth. Also, lake residents are urged to clean shorelines in front of and adjacent to their properties and make any necessary repairs to shorelines and docks this fall, as snow-melt and rain can often raise water levels quickly, making access to the lake bed more difficult in the spring.

If you haven’t pulled your boats from the lake yet, it’s time to hustle.

The KLC is once again pleased to announce a NYS Boater Safety Course this fall. This is designed as a comprehensive boating course, teaching the fundamentals of safe boating operation. It is an 8-hour class and anyone over the age of 10 can attend at no cost.

The course will be taught on Sunday, October 26th, at the KLIA Hall, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please bring a bag lunch. Hot dogs may be available for purchase.

If you are interested in attending, please call 518-784-2011Pre-registration is required.

A copy of the latest edition of the “New York Safe Boating Textbook: A Course on the Safe Operation of Boats and Personal Watercraft” can be downloaded to your computer, phone, or tablet by going to http://nysparks.com/recreation/boating/education.aspx. Hard copy textbooks will be available at the class for those who would like one.

In light of last years legislation requiring all individuals born after May 1, 1996 to successfully complete the NYS Boater Safety Course, this course is critical for anyone under 18 years old who wishes to operate motor powered watercraft. 10-17 year olds will receive a NYS Safe Boater Certificate for free; those 18 or older can receive a certificate if they wish for a $10 fee to NYS.

The Annual KLC Meeting was held at the KLIA Hall on Saturday, August 24th, at 10:00 am. About 15 member families were present in addition to the Board of Directors. Lively discussions took place regarding several issues.

  1. Members reelected three existing Board members to new 3 year terms: Bill Cleary, Dan Langer and Fran Sindlinger. Steve Sigler was also elected by the members for a 3 year term to replace Mike Weldon who recently resigned from the Board.
  2. Board member Bernie Kelleher reported that the latest repairs to the dam (repairs to the sluice gate and relining the sluice pipe) were completed for a little over $26,000, well below the original estimates. The savings were partially due to the contractor’s ability to dewater the area in front of the sluice gate using coffer steel already in place from previous repair projects. Bernie also explained that the bridge over the dam is in need of replacement, and that the contractor who completed the sluice gate repairs has donated steel beams and other materials needed to reconstruct the bridge. In addition, DEC has asked that repairs be made to the downside face of the dam in the near future; doing so would prevent future deterioration of the face of the dam. It was also noted by the Board that Bernie has been doing a wonderful job maintaining a consistent water level over the summer.
  3. Board Member Rick Theriault reported that the 2014 KLC BBQ and Fund Raiser was again very successful. All 300 meals were sold and the KLC raised approximately $3000, a record since the event started several years ago. Treasurer Fran Sindlinger noted that the Chinese auction was highly successful in raising funds. Rick noted that since this is the only fund raising event the KLC sponsors, it will continue in the future.
  4. President Paul Winslow reported that the Board is strongly considering placing a locked gate at the Rose Street launch, similar to the gate at the Rt. 28 boat launch. The purpose of the gate would be to better control the use of the lake by non-KLC members, hopefully increase KLC membership, aid in reducing the spread of invasive species and maintaining our stocked fish population for KLC members. Paul asked all those in attendance to cast a vote for pursuing the locked gate at Rose Street and a motion was carried unanimously by the membership.
  5. Member Bill Johnston presented the Board with tax maps from around the lake. On the maps, Bill highlighted all riparian KLC members. He noted that out of approximately 337 riparian properties, only 116 were KLC members. While the 337 riparian properties may not accurately represent the actual number of owners, since some people own more than one property, it does show that far less than 50% of riparian owners are KLC members. Bill urged the Board to pursue options for increasing membership by riparian owners based on his findings, and offered to assist in any way possible.
  6. It was noted that Board Member Drew Nelson would be teaching the NYS Boater Safety Course at the KLIA Hall on Sunday, October 26th and that anyone born after August 1996 must take this course to operate any type of a power boat. Further information will be provided on the KLC website when available.
  7. Following questions from several members, it was agreed that the Meeting Minutes of the previous year’s Annual Member’s Meeting will be published on the KLC website in advance of the Annual Meeting. This will allow members adequate time to review the past meeting minutes prior to the upcoming meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 am, and many members stayed for further conversation, coffee and donuts, and to purchase KLC logo merchandise.