As many of you are aware, the level of the lake rose swiftly last week due to heavy rains, warm temperatures and snow melt. Even with the dam’s sluice gate wide open for several days before the rain, the lake filled quickly. So what happens next?

Relining of the sluice pipe (reported in the January newsletter) is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of April 14. This date, however, depends on our ability to get the lake back down to winter level. Assuming we attain winter level by April 14th, coffer steel will again be installed in front of the sluice gate to keep water out of the pipe while repairs are being made. The repairs are expected to take about one week.

Many of you who suffered dock damage this winter will have a very short window of opportunity to do dock repairs and any other shoreline projects while the lake is down before the week of April 14th. During the week the sluice pipe is being relined however, we will have no control over the lake level and the water could rise suddenly again depending on rain and flow of the Valatie Kill. Keep an eye on the water level and do your shoreline work as quickly and safely as possible.

The January 2014 KLC News is now available online HERE or on the NEWSLETTERS page.

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The KLC has produced a “Welcome to Kinderhook Lake” tri-fold brochure to be provided to new community residents in an effort to introduce them to our Lake and the KLC. The brochure includes basic information about the Lake location, features, history, water quality, watercraft and fishing. It also explains the purpose of the KLC and lists what the KLC does to maintain the dam and lake for all to enjoy. We hope this will help new residents better understand our community and encourage them to support the KLC via membership. The brochure will be published locally in small quantities, so changes can be made to future editions if new ideas or suggestions are implemented.  If you would like to see what the brochure looks like, please use the ‘Quick Link’ in the right-hand column. If you know of any new community residents, on or off the lake, who could benefit from this brochure, please email their name and address to

Construction for the latest dam repair started on December 3, 2013. The contractor installed a coffer steel dam and de-watered the area in front of the sluice gate. Upon inspection, it was learned that the gasket, which we assumed required replacement, was in fine condition. However, several of the surrounding wedges were missing, which was the root cause of the leaks around the gate. The wedges were replaced and the sluice gate now has a good seal. Although the final tally is not yet in, alternative methods of installing the coffer steel dam for dewatering and replacement of the wedges instead of the entire sluice gate gasket may have reduced the cost of Phase 1 work to less than half of the original estimate.

Once dry, the sluice pipe was inspected and it was determined that the pipe needed to be relined. The contractor is preparing an estimate to reline the sluice pipe. Depending on the estimated cost and funds available in the Dam Reserve Fund, it is hoped that work to reline the sluice pipe and repairs to the dam’s facade can be completed this coming spring. In the meantime, the water level has been returned to its normal winter level. However, the coffer steel dam remains in place, limiting full control of winter water levels.

As mentioned in the October KLC News, there is a potential for more hazardous conditions for people venturing out on the ice this winter. The limited control of the water level below the ice could cause thinner ice. If you are not sure, please stay off the ice.

The October 2013 KLC News is now available HERE and on the NEWSLETTER page.

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Check out these very cool videos of riding a hydrofoil on Kinderhook Lake. Thanks Vaughn.

WARNING: Copper Sulfate will be applied to Kinderhook Lake on Friday morning, August 29th

See FAQ page for information and warnings about Copper Sulfate treatment for algae control.

Daniel Zielinski from DEC has prepared a brief summary of DEC’s Kinderhook Lake fish survey efforts over the past 13 years. DEC is planning on producing a fish management plan for Kinderhook Lake this winter. This will be a much more detailed report based on recent surveys and it will make recommendations for future management of the fish populations in the lake, particularly the game fish populations. A draft report is expected to be completed by the end of March 2014.

To assist in their efforts to complete the report, DEC is looking for anecdotal information specifically from anyone who has caught a tiger muskie in Kinderhook Lake. If you or someone you know has information on when, where, length and weight of tiger muskie catches, please email the information along with any photos of your catch directly to Dan Zielinski at

Annual Membership Meeting

Saturday – August 24, 2013

10:00am at the KLIA Hall


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes of Aug 25, 2012 Annual Meeting
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Election of Directors (Class of 2016 & 2014)
  5. Unfinished Business
  6. New Business
  7. Question/Comments
  8. Adjournment

Coffee and donuts will be served

The July 2013 KLC News is now available HERE and on the NEWSLETTERS page.