July 4th is just around the corner.

Kayak Rally: 8:00 – 11:30. Paddle around the lake with any non-motorized vessel and collect as many tickets as you can from orange flagged locations around the lake. Print your name and phone # on each ticket and bring your tickets to the Rt 28 launch by 11:30. Tickets will be drawn for great prizes, including a $50 gift certificate to Steiner’s Sporting Goods and gift certificates for KLC merchandise.

Boat Parade: Starts 1:30 from One Tree Island. Decorate your vessel to tour the lake, entertain your neighbors, make some noise and have a ton of fun. Be recognized for best decorations and most patriotic boat.

Ring of Fire: 9:00pm. Light your flares at 9:00pm along the shoreline for the annual Ring of Fire. Flares will be available at the Rt. 28 launch the morning of July 4th, or call Ken Bosen (see website for contact info) to arrange for flares at other times.

Keep your fingers crossed for great weather. Please be safe, and let’s have yet another spectacular Fourth of July on Kinderhook Lake.

******* WARNING *******
Copper Sulfate will be applied to Kinderhook Lake
Monday morning, June 27th

See the FAQ page for information and warnings
about Copper Sulfate treatment for algae control

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A small group of people showed up to pull water chestnuts at the north end of the lake on this less than inviting morning. Perhaps others stayed away due to the threat of rain, but this small group of volunteers still made a dent in fighting invasive species. The KLC sends a huge thanks to the following volunteers: Matt Dobrowski (Canadarago Lake Assoc.), Lisa Benfield, Dan and Robin Langer, Ken Bosen, Don Slovak and his son, and John Bruford. Thanks also to Steve Sigler for the use of his boat and to the Grandy’s for stopping by with refreshments.

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The Spring 2016 KLC News is now available online HERE or on the NEWSLETTERS page.

See articles about a retiring board member, the latest NYS Boater Safety Course, cleaning your septic tank, KLC board elections, copper sulfate treatments, our new launch dock, weed committee progress, practicing catch and release fishing, helping to pull water chestnuts, annual July 4th events, important reminders, and more.

Too many nutrients in the water can cause eutrophication. The KLC manages algae blooms through its copper sulfate program, but it is not a stand-alone remedy. Property owners, farmers, and municipalities can help by promoting and observing some simple practices: lowering phosphate usage, using non-phosphorus fertilizers, not raking leaves into the lake, not burning leaves in the lake bed and by building riparian buffers and rain gardens.

What happens when fertilisers get washed into lakes and rivers? A process called eutrophication. Learn all about it in this video. This is part of our scienc…

The KLC has once again organized a NYS Boater Safety Course this spring, sponsored by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and the NY State Park Police. It is designed as a comprehensive boating course, teaching the fundamentals of safe boating operation. It is an 8-hour class and anyone over the age of 10 can attend at no cost.

The course will be taught on Saturday, June 4th, at the KLIA Hall, from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Please bring a bag lunch as there will only be 30 minutes for lunch.

If you are interested in attending, please call 518-784-3024. Pre-registration is required no later than May 22nd. At least 10 attendees are required or the class will be cancelled.

Click for the latest edition of the New York Safe Boating Textbook: A Course on the Safe Operation of Boats and Personal Watercraft. Hard copy textbooks will be available free at the class.

Due to the mild winter and early ice melt, the KLC will start raising the lake beginning this coming Friday, April 1st. With little snow runoff this year, filling the lake to summer level will be weather dependent. Time to get your water toys ready!

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The KLC is looking for a few volunteers to work with the KLC board to map invasive species in Kinderhook Lake this coming summer. If you are interested, please contact the KLC at klcweb@archman8.com and register for the Albany June 4th free iMapInvasives training couse below

iMapMobile_iPhone_web New York iMapInvasives will be holding spring training sessions throughout the state in May and June! Each session will be coordinated through the Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM), and will include training for basic and advanced data entry. There will also be species identification modules offered this year as well, with more details to come. Anyone interested in mapping invasive species locations and management efforts is welcome to attend these free sessions! Contact imapinvasives@nynhp.org with any questions.

Information and Registration for iMapInvasives Training

The KLC Board has listened to the many member requests for a new dock at the member’s only launch on Rt. 28. The dock was constructed in pieces by Bill Cleary. Installation this morning was aided by Bernie Kelleher, Rick Theriault, Mike Franceour, Drew Nelson and sons and Dan Langer. Just a few minor finishing touches are needed. The old dock was relocated closer to the bridge for use by car-top boaters. Thanks for everyone’s help.

New member's dock 031316

The Winter 2016 KLC News is now available online HERE or on the NEWSLETTERS page.

See articles about what the recently formed Weed Management Committee is doing, the year in review, the need for new memberships, the 2016 draft budget, and more.